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Help us to improve, please. Its important for us to know your opinion about our developments, as well as your thoughts and needs related to this product.

Please, dedicate just few minutes to fill this questionnaire and youll participate on monthly drawing of two Bancotel cheques.

1.What do you think about the following aspects of our development? *
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2.How would you evaluate the quality of the following information given? *
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Plan of the area
Plans of the homes
Info graphs
Building Specifications
3.How would you evaluate the following aspects related to your home? *
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Communal areas
Safety (alarm, closed circuit TV,)
4.How important do you think the following elements are when you are deciding on the possibility of buying a home? *
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Colour of the walls
Material used for flooring.
Bathroom fittings
Brands of the electrical appliances
Finishing and the design of the kitchen furniture
5.How do you evaluate the possibility of complementing your home by contracting extra fixtures (shower cabin, piped music, home automation,...)? *
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6.How do you evaluate an after sales service offered by the developer of your home? *
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7.Do you find the quality to price ratio of our development attractive? *
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8.Would you like to make any observations?
9.Please, state your current location *
10.Introduce the development your are interested in

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