Camino del pinar


Building Specifications


Cistern with pressure unit
Water connexion point in the solarium and terraces
Special sound proofing 'Texilan' blanket, anti-impact from 'Texa'
Special sound proofing through screeners in the northern area of the development


  • * Flat structure of reinforced concrete to 30 cm.


  • * Tubular metal railings finished with coloured matt paint. .
  • * Grating and gates: Majorca-style metal exterior blinds on the ground floor. Garden gates in tubular metal and finished with matt paint.
  • *Garage door: automatic and motorized with its remote control.

Communal Areas and Swimming Pool

  • * Closed residential area, with gardens, according to project.
  • * Programmed automatic drip-feed watering system.
  • * Lighting in communal areas.
  • * Swimming pool with lighting and sanitary pump, according to regulations.
  • * Entrances and stairs in polished and varnished national marble.


  • * Copper piping network, according to regulations. Down pipe network in PVC. Porcelain sink in washroom.


  • * Otis' lifts for 4 people, decorated cabin with mirror.

Tiling and Cladding

  • * Kitchen and washroom in highest quality tiling, in clear, plain colours with decorative frieze.
  • *Bathrooms tiled in national marble, with built-in mirror.

Television Installations

  • * Parabolic antenna for TV and FM for connexion to digital channels with reception via satellite. Connexions in the living room, kitchen and bedrooms.

Kitchen furnishings

  • * Fully furnished with ceramic hob, oven, extractor bell, washing machine, dishwasher and fridge, according to project.

Other facilities

  • * Piped music throughout the building.
  • * Automatic door release with camera and individual monitor.
  • * Burglar alarm at the entrance to the building with volumetrics in the hall and terraces.
  • * Smoke and gas detectors in kitchens. .
  • * French fireplace in the living room for one-family and duplex homes.
  • * Home automation control.
  • * Private swimming pool in the solarium in one-family homes.


  • * 'Climalit' style glasswork, with sound and heat proofing. Kitchen and bathrooms with 'Carglass' type translucent glass.

Interior Carpentry

  • * 'Fichet' reinforced front door.
  • * Interior doors in solid DM, white moulds and varnish, with tin fittings.
  • * Glass doors in the living room and the kitchen. .

Flooring and Tiling

  • * Top quality plain and clear anti-slip stoneware in the kitchen and washroom.
  • * Bathrooms in polished and shined national marble. With rib height perimeter in the living room.
  • * Basement and garage: cement mortar finished in quartz (mechanical termination).
  • * Terraces, porches, solarium: highest quality 'Ferrogres', with rib height perimetre in large areas.
  • Taps

    • * Single lever 'Grohe' water mixer, 'Eurodisc' series.
    • * Multifunctional shower tap in the main bathroom, 'Grohe' hydro massage, 'Relexa Plus' series.
    • * The fixed showerhead in the main bathroom has a multifunctional hydro massage element from 'Grohe', 'Relexa Plus' series.
    • * Kitchen: extendible tap, 'Grohe', 'Eurowing' series.


    • * Vertical walls in plain- coloured plastic paint.
    • * Plaster moulds in the ceiling of the living room, the bedrooms and the corridors.


    Flat roof waterproofed, insulated and sloped


    Middle range alumnium blinds, protected by polyurethane. Automatic in the living room and main bedroom. Manually via lever in the rest of the home


    Fronts in solid DM with white varnish finish and tin fittings. Interior lining, including bar, luggage rack and drawers

    Telephone installation

    According to telecommunication requirements for ISDN, Internet and digital telephone. Connexions in the living room, the bedrooms, the terraces and the solarium.


    Garages with fire alarms and CO detectors CO, according to regulations.


    Faade wall cladding in double hollow brick, with heat and sound proofing covered in a cement and stone paint or one layer mortar rendering.

    External carpentry

    External carpentry in white aluminium with a resistant profile.


    White, porcelain 'Sidney' Roca bathroom fittings.
    Washbasins built in to marble top.

    Eletricity and mechanisms

    'Niessen' model 'Arco' with night vision. Illumination in bathrooms and entrance hall through halogen lighting. Heat light in the main bathroom. Emergency light in the living room. Wall lamps in the rest of the home. 

    Air conditioning

    Hot/cold acclimatising through thermostat and pump automatically regulating the temperature.

    Hot water

    Individual installation, with propane gas heater and centralised supply.