Centro de Ocio y Deporte Plaza del Mar


Centro de Ocio y Deporte Plaza del Mar


Right in the Heart of Marbella, near the Paseo Martimo and within the most luxurious residential areas in town, Plaza del Mar just what the town needed in terms of sport and leisure.

Plaza del Mar has followed a modern design concept of a meeting point with services. When we were planning this project we took into account the needs that Marbella hoped to cover in one of its most noble areas. We came up with Plaza del Mar a project that goes beyond the merely local to take on much relevance. Why? Because the idea, the project, the surroundings and the offer of Plaza del Mar have a tendency to a grandeur that blaze through the limits of Marbella

Inside the complex, the visitor can find several shopping areas and businesses, backed by SUPERCOR, CINESUR and CENTRO WELLNESS O2, and well accompanied by cafes, restaurants, bars, childrens parks, telecommunication shops, hairdressers, The complex has been supplied with a generous public parking area with a capacity for more than 600 vehicles.