Free, withing 24 working hours:

Just for getting in touch with us for the first time you will get absolutely free:

  • An useful "Beyer's Guide" that will guide you through every necessary step to complete a safe purchase.
  • When dealing with Government sponsored property you will get information on what kind of benefits you are entitled to according to hte new 2009-2012 Plan.
  • Information about best bank finance for you.

And if we get to meet, much more:

  • We will give you a free discount voucher so you can save up some good money when buying furniture and home appliances for your future or actual home at selected suppliers.
  • We will find the best mortgage bank for you. If you already own a property we will do a free valuation for you so you can have a better idea of its current market value and its selling possibilities.
  • If it helps you, we will do a free furnishing and design project for your new home.
  • You will get a full list of all the very important details you need to look at when buying your new home.
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