La Condomina

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In the valley of Lecrín (Granada), in a spectacular place, surrounded by orange, olive and almond groves, on the banks of the Béznar Reservoir, we are developing a complex of “passive houses” (80% energy saving). 

A residential complex of villas and 21 apartments, where the design incorporates the already existing topography of terraces that, as a natural back drop, offer each one of these homes magnificent views over the Lecrín Reservoir. 
The essence of our project can be resumed through the following questions:
How do we combine the quality and personal touch to the villa and include a common structure?
How can we adapt and integrate the building work with the landscape to most advantage?
The design is adapted to the landscape using existing topographical elements. In order to do so, we used two types of building, of two totally different architectural types, creating order and harmony.
The large farmland steps and terraces, being on different levels, present an ideal basic structure which, through the combination of the two models proposed, guarantees that each villa not only has a fantastic view but also protects their privacy from the others.