El Duque



Surroundings / Situation

Manilva is considered one of the most alluring tourist towns along the Malaga coast. Among the things to see are the Castillo de la Duquesa (the Duchesss Castle), the Roman Villa of Sabinillas and the Santa Ana Church. But one of its main attractions for tourists are the more than 8 Km of beaches. The most popular being Sabinillas, Punta Chullera and the Castle beach.

The town of Manilva is in the extreme south west of the province of Malaga, 97 km away from the capital and 35k from Gibraltar. With its 35,30 km, it is a geographical meeting point between the Costa del Sol and Gibraltar. Manilva is at around 128m above sea level, has an annual rainfall of about 750L./m2and an average temperature of 18C. The local topography is made up of a series of sloping hills that gradually grow from the sea as they go inland. Thus the area can offer all types of activities stretching from eco-tourism to the good old sea and all it has to offer. The current population is running at 11,285 inhabitants, spread out through three main areas, Manilva, Sabinillas and El Castillo as well as in numerous residential complexes. This population count tends to triple in summer. The economy of the town depends on three areas of business: farming, fishing and tourism, with the latter being, by far, the biggest growing concern.